Björn Lefers

Entrepreneurship, Sustainability & Education


Björn-Portrait-BalkonOriginally Björn wanted to make films that change the world. His first short film is about a skinhead and a foreigner in an assessment center; they both have to work together to get the job. In the end, none of them is being hired, but they become friends. With high hopes he showed his short film in a movie theater full of skinheads and foreigners. It all went horribly wrong. Björn had failed.

At the same time Björn worked for a screenwriting school that had a hard time to get through the financial crisis. While helping the business to survive he realized that entrepreneurship is far more effective in making change happen than making films.

That’s why he studied Entrepreneurship at Berlin School of Economics and Law. He uses business tools to support the arts, creativity and social change. His main focus is the development and implementation of business concepts in the fields of sustainability and education; education to better prepare people for a rapidly changing world and sustainability to make sure that world still exists when they’re finished.

Björn likes people with opinions who can laugh about themselves.



+49 176 21 94 87 39